How much is my home worth?

Midas Realty Group is a Southern California boutique real estate brokerage, specializing in results oriented real estate representation.  Simply put, our clients list their home with us because they want to receive top dollar and professional results in the shortest amount of time.   Our clients rely on us for several primary reasons:

Reason #1 Experienced Negotiators

Our clients rely on us because we are experienced in selling homes.  We work hard for our clients to negotiate the best prices and terms for their home sale and as a result, our clients are ensured they receive top dollar for their properties.  For our clients without home equity, we put our years of  experience to work as we negotiate exit plans with their current lenders that allow underwater homeowners to walk away from their current loans with a written notice of release of debt from current mortgage holders.

Reason #2 We Price Properties Right!

We work hard to get our clients top dollar, and we also work with our clients to price the property at current market value.  We provide comparative market analysis data to show what properties have been

Reason #3 We Sell Homes!

At Midas, we don’t just list homes for sale… we sell them!  With our structured marketing program including multiple means of exposure our clients enjoy more foot traffic which translates into less days on the market.  Better marketing paired with correct pricing converts your home listing into a sold home.

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About Midas Realty Group

how much is my home worthMidas Realty Group is a Boutique real estate brokerage providing services throughout Southern California and Nevada. As a Boutique firm, we offer our clients highly specialized services that address their specific real estate needs. Larger companies focus on market share by shuttling clients in and out of their doors. We provide a customer service based business model that is focused and specialized toward each client. We put our years of unique experience at work, to ensure our clients achieve their goals. As a result, our clients continue to rely upon us for their future real estate needs, and they feel comfortable referring us to their family and friends.

As a client you will benefit from our initial needs analysis and the success plan we create with you. Whether you are an individual purchasing your first home, a family interested in selling a home, or an investor seeking help with liquidation of several assets, you will be fully engaged and aware of our marketing efforts and the work that is being done on your behalf.

Midas Realty Group specializes in several niche areas for our clients, but our success really comes down to marketing and negotiation. We utilize 25+ years of in-house marketing experience to get our clients the exposure they need; and we use our years of negotiation experience for results that make every client feel like a winner.

Now that you know a little about us, contact Midas Realty Group today to discuss how we can help YOU achieve your real estate goals. Call us now at 800-546-2289. We will be happy to answer your questions right over the phone. You can also fill out your information on one of our online forms; or send us an email to and let us know when and how to contact you.

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