Interested in buying a house?  Whether you are a first time home buyer or an experienced property buyer, you can benefit from the tips in the book How to Buy a House and Walk Away a Winner- Save Thousands by Outsmarting Banks, Sellers, and Realtors.

This book is a must buy for anyone wanting to save money on a home purchase.

The information contained in this book will help you avoid the hidden pitfalls and problems that confront many unsuspecting home buyers. You will face less intimidation since you will be more familiar with the terminology, jargon, and tactics often applied. You will recognize red flags as soon as they appear, and you will be equipped to act accordingly. This book was written to help you have a greater knowledge of the home buying process and to guide you to potentially save yourself from some of the stress caused by unfamiliarity with the procedures. In the process, you may save thousands of dollars by being prepared and knowing what to ask and where to look. Learn why it’s important to get your own agent and shop for a loan officer- regardless if you have friends in the business. Been told you can’t qualify for a home? Find out how to get a copy of your credit reports and fix your scores yourself by getting incorrect or old information removed.

The book is available now from Amazon in paperback, and a kindle edition with immediate download is available priced less than a Starbucks coffee.   Click on te lonk for more information ro to purchase


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