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Are you struggling with mortgage payments that are no longer manageable?  

Do you currently owe more on your home than it’s worth?

We work with homeowners like you and help you get out from under the debt of an underwater hope.  A short sale will allow you to move to a more affordable home and begin rebuilding your credit if you have late payments.  Without the high mortgage payment, your life will be easier and your stress level lower.

We are short sale specialists.  We help homeowners take full advantage of the benefits of a short sale.  A short sale is real estate transaction whereby the current lender(s) agree to allow the owner to sell the property for an amount less than the current mortgage.  A homeowner must qualify for the short sale- demonstrate that they can no longer make their payments and they don’t have millions of dollars tucked away. The short sale can actually be a tremendous financial relief since you no longer has to stress about paying the huge mortgage.

The great thing about a short sale is that there are no costs to you.  That’s right, we negotiate with your lender to sell the property at an amount less than what you owe.  We also negotiate with the bank to pay our fees.  There is never a cost or fee to you.

While a short sale can seem intimidating, the process is really quite easy and effective.  MIDAS REALTY GROUP is both experienced and knowledgeable in the successful negotiation of short sales. Most importantly, there is never a cost to the homeowners that rely on our experience and credentials.

Short sales actually allow you to be in a bit of control as well. If you can no longer afford to make your mortgage payments a foreclosure is inevitable if action is not taken.   If a loan modification is not a choice (or if you do not qualify), the short sale will help in speeding up the unfortunate financial turmoil.  Since the process is quicker than a foreclosure, it will help you get on with their lives.

In addition to helping avoid foreclosure it can help you begin to re-establish your credit quicker.  While any late payments are reported to the credit bureau you will not have a foreclosure reported if the property was not foreclosed.  The transaction may be reported as “settled for less” and you will never have to deal with a foreclosure on your credit.  You may also be eligible to purchase a property again in as little as two years if credit has been re-established. Lastly, a foreclosure on a credit report may affect the ability to obtain employment or security clearance.

If you or someone you know is in need of the relief a short sale can provide, contact our office and a Temecula short sale Realtor will speak to you.  The call is FREE  800-546-2289. Talking to us is free and there is no obligation.  Call now, and you may be able to ease some of your stress with just this simple phone call.

If you are visiting the site outside of business hours, fill out the Form Below now and a Temecula short sale Realtor will contact you ASAP!   If you are visiting during business hours, you may call us at 800-546-2289 and a specialist will assist you Now.

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Temecula Short Sale RealtorMidas Realty Group is a Boutique real estate brokerage providing services throughout Southern California and Nevada. As a Boutique firm, we offer our clients highly specialized services that address their specific real estate needs. Larger companies focus on market share by shuttling clients in and out of their doors. We provide a customer service based business model that is focused and specialized toward each client. We put our years of unique experience at work, to ensure our clients achieve their goals. As a result, our clients continue to rely upon us for their future real estate needs, and they feel comfortable referring us to their family and friends.

As a client you will benefit from our initial needs analysis and the success plan we create with you. Whether you are an individual purchasing your first home, a family interested in selling a home, or an investor seeking help with liquidation of several assets, you will be fully engaged and aware of our marketing efforts and the work that is being done on your behalf.
Midas Realty Group specializes in several niche areas for our clients, but our success really comes down to marketing and negotiation. We utilize 25+ years of in-house marketing experience to get our clients the exposure they need; and we use our years of negotiation experience for results that make every client feel like a winner.

Now that you know a little about us, contact Midas Realty Group today to discuss how we can help YOU achieve your real estate goals. Call us now at 800-546-2289. We will be happy to answer your questions right over the phone. You can also fill out your information on one of our online forms; or send us an and let us know when and how to contact you.
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