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Probate is the legal process wherein the estate of a decedent is administered.  It is the legal method to transfer assets such as houses, cars, stocks, bonds, boats, and personal belongings from a deceased person’s name to his or her estate so they can be sold or distributed to the heirs.

When a person passes away and had accumulated assets in excess of $100,000, his or her estate must go through probate, and the process is overseen by a probate court. If the decedent leaves a will directing how his or her property should be distributed after death, the probate court will determine if it should be admitted to probate and given legal effect. If the decedent dies intestate—without leaving a will—the court appoints a Personal Representative to distribute the decedent’s property according to the laws of Descent and Distribution. These laws direct the distribution of assets based on hereditary succession.

Real Estate may be included in an estate. Sometimes the real estate is owned free and clear but other times the property may be encumbered by a mortgage.  Real Estate affected by probate can include houses, condos, timeshares, lots of land, and commercial properties.

 If a Personal Representative or an Executor is named it is his or her responsibility to gather deeds, insurance papers, annuities, and mortgage documents. The Representative is also responsible to  safeguard the assets while in the midst of probate and to liquidate according to the decedent’s wishes or as necessary in order to pay outstanding obligations.

In California, there are specific rules and guidelines to follow when handling matters of an estate so it’s important to rely on the help of a Probate Real Estate Specialist to make sure the correct processes are followed.

Midas Realty Group is experienced in handling probate sales throughout California and our Broker is a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist (C.P.R.E.S.) as wells a Senior Real Estate Specialist (S.R.E.S.). As specialists we can assist you in navigating through the probate system and we can assist you in handling your real estate matters quickly and responsibly whether you are located around the corner or across the country.

In addition to listing and selling the property and providing full service, experienced representation, we can also

Provide Complimentary CMA Arrange for termite inspections Coordinate cleaning of property
Obtain title documents Assist to ensure property I secure Organize shipping of  items
Make court appearances w/ atty Advertise property to public Provide all legal disclosures
Share property with our investor network>

As Probate Specialists, we don’t provide just one service to our clients; we also assist our clients in handling the details that can help make the process as easy as possible.  

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